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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ayla is 7 Weeks Old

Ayla is 7 weeks old today!! This week she has turned into a big girl:) She is now sleeping in her crib in her own room!! She is also sleeping a little bit longer too, about 4-5 hours at night, then bottle, then back to sleep for about 2 more hours. Not too bad.

Here is a pic of her first night sleeping in her crib...

She has also started to make lil' noises! It is so cute! She tries to laugh at her goofy parents;)

She is still drinking 4 oz. of formula about every 2-4 hours still. Although in the middle of the night, I think we are going to up it to 5 oz, b/c she sucks it down really quick!

Here is a pic of her Aunt Steph holding her this past week. I guess she doesn't like wearing dresses:0

She has been smiling soooo much lately!! I can't get enough of those cute lil' gummy's!

Her nose is not nearly as stuffy as it was. Her coughing is better too. YEA!!

Here is a pic of her from today. She was not a very happy camper when I was trying to get a pic. This was the best I could get...

PS. More pics to come of our visitors:)


Jessie said...

I love her crib bedding it is so cute!!

Christy said...

I love crying pictures. I only have one of Casey and I regret it so much. It's not that I want kids crying, but it's so common to capture the smiley moments and forget all the other expressions. :)

She is so beautiful and so is her crib!!

The Smithson Family said...

Cute pictures! Lainey has the same cherry outfit! Too cute! It does not seem like it was seven weeks ago when you were blogging about being pregnant! Wow, time flies!

Oma & Opa said...

Ayla looks so little in her crib but comfy. Cute pics
Love to all,