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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ayla is 5 Weeks Old!!

Today Ayla is 5 weeks old!! Here are some pics I took this morning with her enjoying her new bouncy seat, thanks to Aunt D =) Look at her with her arms straight to her sides. She didn't move them the whole time she was in there:)

Ayla is amazing me everyday with all that she can do:) She loves to turn her head from side to side, loves to smile, loves to watch our every move, loves to grab onto everything, loves to stand, loves to get a bath, loves to swing in her new bouncy seat, and loves to get kisses and hugs from her big brother! Oh yeah, and she loves to push her lil' tears out when she cries.

I can't believe it, but she has officially graduated to the size 1 diapers!! Size 1 seems soooo big compared to the newborn diapers! I couldn't help but take some pics of her last time in newborn diapers ;)

Here is a pic of the double stroller that we had to graduate to! Thanks mom!

Tomorrow I will post some pics of my sister D's visit.


PS. I hope everyone is doing well, I hope to catch up on everyone's blog's soon;)


Carrie said...

She is so pretty!! I can't believe it's been 5 weeks since she was born!!!!

Graciy said...

A double strollers seem like they would be life savors. I don't know if its just me but I think she looks a whole lot like her big brother!

CFlover said...

She looks just like lil Chris!!!! wow thats crazy!!
Shes beautiful and I cant believe how big she is already.

Christy said...

She's so beautiful!!! She'll be walking before you know it.