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Sunday, March 22, 2009

R.I.P. Baby Ethan

Today is a very sad day for me. I was just reading one of my fellow CF blogger mommy's blog and saw that their son, baby Ethan has passed away. Click here to read his story. This news really hits home to me. Baby Ethan had Cystic Fibrosis, amongst other problems, and was much younger than Lil' Chris. He was born in August 2008 and passed away on March 13th 2009. Please keep his family in your prayers.

This is the first time for me, that a CFer that I have been following for a long time, has passed away. Even though the life expectancy of a CFer is 37, doesn't mean that every CFer will live to at least 37. It is just the AVERAGE life expectancy. This is why it is sooooo important that we raise as much money as possible to FIND A CURE TODAY!!!!

They are so close to finding a cure and better treatments, it's just not funded like it is other diseases. Everyone knows what Cancer is, but not everyone knows what Cystic Fibrosis is. I had no clue what it was until Lil' Chris was diagnosed with it! That's why it's so important to spread the word and get people to donate to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, which is what our Great Strides Walk supports. Please, click here to donate to the CFF to find a CURE now, before it's too late.


The Liberto Family said...

I haven't been reading my blogs and to come across this has mad me very sad. I have also been following baby Ethan's story. You are so right we just never know how long we will have our kids with CF. We do have to find a CURE SOON!

Oma & Opa said...

This is very sad news. My thoughts and prayers go out to baby Ethan's family. I am going to send your blog to some of the people at church if you don't mind. Dad and I try to get the message out and maybe this will help.
There is a deep sting knowing that Lil Chris has CF and you guys are so far away but God is in total Control.
Lots of love, hugs & kisses to you all,

Aunt D. said...

Hey M, I'm finally getting a chance to catch up & I was so sad to see this post about baby Ethan. I will be praying for his family during this difficult time & I continue to pray that a cure will be found for CF!!