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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thanks Aunt D for Visiting Us=)

Thanks D for driving 8 hours all by yourself to come visit us and help us out! You did too much!!! Thank you so much for all your good home cooking, doing dishes, and cleaning, esp. Ayla's bottles:) Thanks for bringing all the girls clothes for Ayla and for helping me go through them. Thanks for all the toys you bought for the kids too. Ayla loves her bouncy seat and Lil' Chris loves all his Thomas trains! Thanks for the books with their names in the story too! That is so cool:) They are going to LOVE them when they get older! Thanks for getting up with Ayla during the night too, so I could catch up on some much needed sleep:) You're the BEST!! Tell S I said thanks for watching the kiddos so you could come out:)

I'm uploading the pics now, so I'll post them later.
PS. I noticed this weekend that Lil' Chris is getting 2 more teeth on top! YEA!!


Aunt D. said...

Hey! It was my pleasure! Thanks for letting me crash at your place for a few days. I had a great time & I wish I could have stayed & helped you out longer. The kids are so adorable! I miss them already! Can't wait to see your pics, just make sure I'm not in any of them... =P I hope you guys come out to visit us soon & I can't wait to come back out your way for the walk in June!

Zoe Isabella said...

Yeah, for visitors! Especially ones that are a great big help.
It's funny, your last post I just saw...missed it somehow before. The About.com article...if you click on the "coping" tab...under the 'Real Life' section, there is an article about our Zoe! What a small world...huh??? :)
Hope you all are doing well...
hugs to you all...