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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dr.'s Visit, 300th Post, & 1 Year Blog Anniversary

Guess what?? Today is my one year anniversary for blogging!! My sister D started this blog for Lil' Chris exactly one year ago today on March 18th 2008! Thanks to her starting this blog and her encouragement, I have learned soooo much for Lil' Chris, and I have made soooo many new wonderful friends=) You truly are all like family to me now:) Thank you all for all your prayers over the past year. It definitely has worked as Lil' Chris had a GREAT year!! We can't thank you enough also for all the donations to our Great Strides Walk last year and to Lil' Chris' medical fund. It will all go towards good use! Speaking of Great Strides, we are doing a fundraiser on Sunday 3/29 at CiCi's Pizza from 5pm-8pm. I hope we get a lot of people to come, b/c a percent of their receipt will go towards our Walk. I'll let you know how it goes:)

Guess what else?? This is my 300th post!!! How exciting!!! For a shy girl, I sure can write a lot;) lol.

Today both kids had a well visit at the pediatricians. Lil' Chris weighed over 26 lbs. and is over 35 inches long. His weight is in the 50th percentile and his height jumped up, but not sure what percentile. He had to get one shot today:( Poor thing:( He did such a good job though, so we took him out for lunch and then to the park afterwards, since it is like 70 degrees out! He did such a good job in the dr.'s office! We don't let him touch anything and my husbands waits with him out in the hallway until his name is called. I got some good pics of him looking in the window into the waiting room where I was sitting with Ayla. It was so cute! He got weighed like a big boy on the big scale for the second time!! And he got to wear a gown for the first time! He looked sooooo cute! I took lots of pics of him in his "dress" as my husband called it:) lol.

Ayla weighed over 10 lbs. and is over 23 inches long. Her weight is in the 75 percentile!! Not sure about her height, it was good though. Here eye is all better, but the tearing from the blocked tear duct that she had last week could come and go over the next 6 months. That stinks! But we only have to press on the corners of her eyes when it keeps tearing a lot.

Here are some pics of the kids at the dr.'s, at Wendy's, and then at the park. At Wendy's, Lil' Chris was dipping his nuggets in Ranch dressing and sucking it off! Sometimes he would just dip his fingers in it and then suck it off! That lil' container was dry by the time he was done! I guess we'll have to do that more often! I'm so glad that he is eating more table food now. He'll eat luch meat, cheese slices, string cheese, meatloaf, pizza, nuggets, chicken, french fries, taco, yogurt, apple juice, sometimes chocolate milk or whole milk, cereal, crackers, gold fish, and I'm sure there is more I'm forgetting. So he is getting much better. What I do is give him this kind of food first, then give him baby food jars too(esp. if he doesn't eat a whole lot) to get more calories, as his lil' body needs them. The dr. said that this is perfect! Normally she would suggest just table food at this point, but b/c he needs all the calories he can get, she said to keep doing what we are doing.

Enjoy the pics=) Sorry it is unedited, I have to go to work now:(
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Carrie said...

I gave Sawyer Hawaiian Delight baby food until this past year (and he's 5). He loved it so much and it was 100 calories a jar which helped so much. We are struggling with weight gain right now and it is stressing me out so bad. Maybe I should go back to the Hawaiian Delight...lol...really I am being serious!!
Glad to hear your kids had good check-ups...that is always so nice!!

Phoenix's Mom said...

Happy Anniversary! Happy 300th post! And to cute pics! I must say he is very cute in that "dress!"

CFlover said...

Happy Blogversary!!!!
Im so glad all went well at the doctors!!

The Smithson Family said...

Glad everyone had a good appointment. I wish our pediatrican's office had a place to wait outside of the waiting room! I think we always pick something up in the waiting room. I know that mac - n- cheese baby food has a lot of calories, a lot of sodium, and more fat than other baby foods!

Anonymous said...

So... so much cuteness in this montage where do I start??? The Dr office pics are so sweet. Chris is such a good daddy :-) He just glows when he is holding his son. It is beautiful!
And the ranch dressing is hilarious! I'm so glad to hear the visits went well! I'm sorry you have to be away from them :-( I wish I could find a way that you did not have to work... I'll think of something :-)

I miss you all and love you!


Oma & Opa said...

Great news about the doctor visit. Loved the pics... It's good to see Lil Chris eating "real" food. The pictures of him in his "dress" remind me of Steph when she was about 2 years except she had a little more curl to her hair. I'll have to scan it and send it to you.
Thank you for the pictures.
Mom-Mom & Aunt Debbie said thank you for their pictures. I will scan and print pics for dad's mom, Aunt Joy, Uncle Bobby & Denise,Marie & Dee.
Give my grandbabies hugs & kisses for me.
Lots of love,