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Sunday, March 1, 2009

YEA!! D Is Here!!!

My sister D is here and we are having a GREAT time!!! She even babysat the kids tonight so Chris and I could go out on a date;) Chris took me out to dinner and then to a movie! We haven't seen a movie in such a looooong time! We saw "Paul Blart Mall Cop"! It was HILARIOUS!!!! It's a must see if you like comedies:)

Well, I better take advantage of D staying up with Ayla tonight and get some much needed sleep;) Thanks D!! Although, I must say thanks to my sweet hubby for staying up with her last night, b/c he had off today;) Thanks Honey!!


Mommy & Daddy said...

You're welcome

Carrie said...

Good for you!! I know that is exciting..I love to be with my sister. Glad you and hubby were able to get out alone for a little while....I heard that movie was funny!!
By the way..I love you new header pic...so cute!!

Kecia said...

Sisters are always a source of good help!!

Zoe Isabella said...

I love the new pics! They are just precious!
Good for you guys, getting a date night, those are a much needed thing in life with small kids.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hi M :-)
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