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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cough Update & Ayla's Eye Dr. Visit

Lil' Chris of course hates the Ceftin. It is soooo goopy! It takes forever for it to even flow down the spoon thingy to go into his mouth. And when I finally hold him down and force it in, it looks like nothing even came out of the spoon thing!!! It's so frustrating! I hope he is getting enough. The nurse had told me on the phone the other day that it would be 7 ml 2 times a day, but when we got the bottle it said 3.5ml 2 times a day(which makes 7 total for the day). So who is right??? I was going to call the clinic today to make sure, but just now remembered with everything going on today, and now they are closed. Hopefully he is getting enough and it knocks this cough out of him, b/c yesterday it seemed to have gotten worse, and now today it still doesn't sound good. Oh yeah, his nose is STILL running! My nose stopped running yesterday and I guess I just expected his nose to stop too since he got the cold before me, but it hasn't yet. Hopefully he'll be all better soon:)

As for Ayla, her nose doesn't run, but after laying down for a while, you can hear the stuffiness in her nose. Then we try to suction it out, but it's like there is nothing there! It's confusing. She also seems to have a little cough too. It's so cute sounding! I had never heard a newborn cough before! Anyway, I called the pediatrician this morning, b/c all day yesterday her right eye kept tearing. Then when she woke up this morning, she had goop in her eye and eyelashes and it was still tearing. So we had an appointment at 1:20 today and the Dr. said that she has a "blocked eye duct". She said that a stuffy nose can sometimes cause it. She gave me a prescription for some eye drops, but said not to use it unless her eye gets red. For now, all we have to do is keep the eye clean by wiping the gook out and also we have to press on the inside corners of both eyes once a day to help the blockage. Hopefully this makes it go away before it gets red and we have to resort to the eye drops.

Then...I had to play my Y&R trivia on fb;)...I told ya I was busy today...then I had to go to my OB for my 6 week check up. I can't believe it has been 6 weeks already!! She said all is good and I can go back to work. So unfortunately I have to go back on Monday:( I'm going to soooo miss my kiddos:( But I know we have a GREAT babysitter and she will take GREAT care of my kids:)

Tomorrow I will post Ayla's 6 weeks pic and my sister D's visit pics:)
Have a great day,


Carrie said...

Since I have not been a good blogger in the last few days I didn't even know lil' Chris had been sick. I hate when they have a cough...it still scares me a bit and makes me a little nervous! Sawyer has been so well the entire winter and now this..I hope Chris gets better very soon!!!

CFlover said...

=( Im sorry Lil C is not getting better quick enough.
=) I am glad you are better tho and I will be praying that A gets better also.

Zoe Isabella said...

Hope he starts feeling better quickly.
I buy bags of syringes from Zoe's pharmacy, a bag of 100 5 ml's and a bag of 100 10 ml's. They cost about 12 bucks each, and the giving liquid meds is so much easier. Plus I don't worry about cleaning them and risking Pseudo growing in the tiny amount of water that might sit in them, I just toss them after each use.
Just a thought you might like.
Huggs to you...I know you aren't looking forward to going back to work.

charm said...

Hi M, I too was going to suggest using a syringe - definately works much better as the medication gets squirted down, or encourage him to suck it out and watch the lever go down, it distracts them....they tend to think it a game. Also for stuffy noses, use an old hot water bottle, put whatever you use, like karvol, or vicks (dont know what your equavalent would be -) with a bit a boiling water, and YOU hold the bottle near their noses and mouth, as they breath in they get the benefit of the inhalant and it doesnt go all over, it goes directly into the nose and mouth....squeeze the water bottle to get that puff effect - we still use that method on the small kiddies in our family even though they are not cf.....hope you all get better sooner than later. Hugs and love to all. Charm....pity you have to go back to work lol

Anonymous said...

Hi M,
Of course you get super busy with these colds just when you have to go back to work :-( thats how it goes huh? I'm praying for you.

Love ya!


The Liberto Family said...

I pray his cough gets better soon! Melissa hasn't coughed like that so if she did I would be a mess.

My friends son had tear duct problems when he was a new born. I hadn't heard of that before. Hopefully her eye will get better.

I can't wait to she Ayla's 6 weeks pictures.