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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Annual Visit Stuff

At our last cf clinic visit, they gave us a lot of paperwork to fill out and send in before our annual visit on June 4th. We finally got them all filled out! Yea!! We had to fill out a Food Questionnaire and a Parent Questionnaire. Not too bad. It's actually kinda nice that they do that. That way they know before hand any concerns that we might have. Right now, we don't have too many with Lil' Chris. He is doing great, thanks to them;) One of the last questions was if we had any suggestions for the CF Team, and I wrote..."Just keep up the GREAT work!!"

They also wanted us to get a chest x-ray and blood work done before the annual visit, but I think we are going to wait and do it the day of the visit. They like you to do it before hand so they can go over the results with you at the visit. They wanted to do it at our last visit, but they didn't tell us before hand. I had to get to work, so we didn't have time that day. I asked if it would be ok if we did it the day of the visit, and they said it would be fine. They don't expect anything to be wrong with either test.

At least now we'll know for next time!! We'll plan on a long visit, the visit before the annual visit. Does that make sense???:)

We also got done filling out the application for our secondary insurance. We have to reapply every year to see if we still qualify for it. Cross you fingers!! I hope we get it again, especially now that we just got the vest!! They said it takes about 10 months for the insurance to pay it off.

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