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Friday, May 2, 2008

Walk Update

We raised another $50!! So, our goal is $1500, so far we have raised $1159! When you add the $500 my work is donating after the walk, is brings our total to $1659!! YEA!! When I mention this at our meetings at work, everyone gets so excited that we made our goal. I love it!

Big Thanks To:
They are our wonderful neighbors!! It's so comforting to have such great neighbors who always lend a helping hand whenever needed. Thanks guys:) Sean is going to walk with us on Sunday too:) YEA!!
We are all ready for the walk this Sunday! Only problem is that it is supossed to rain and be in the 50's I heard. That kinda stinks, but we'll still have fun anyways! We made pins with Lil' Chris' picture in them for everyone on our team to wear to represent Lil' Chris since he won't be there.
Thanks Rita for your donation the other day! (She was the one I that I didn't know their name yet.)


daniel's mom said...

Great job M!
Daniel's Mom

Lil' Chris' Mom said...

Thanks, how is your fundraising going? I'd love to hear about it!