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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I let him eat a cracker all by himself while I washed his bottles, and this is the thanks I get! Just kidding;)
It was a pain to clean up. It stuck to him like glue;) I know some of you are probably like "That's it! That's not a mess!" Well, if you know me, this is a HUGE mess for me. I usually never let him get all dirty. I'm weird like that=)

And yes, I do still put on his winter bib;) Especially for sticky messes=)

More pics and videos to come!


Aunt Christi said...

Yeah... this WOULD be a mess to you! I just ate a cracker and look worse :-)
I don't care how big he gets he is always going to be gummi bear to me!

Auntie Steph said...

LOL...I wish this was all the messier Lincoln ever got!!!! :)
That's a big step for you, huh M, to let Chris eat a cracker all by himself?! Yea!
But your right, those kinds of crackers are nasty to clean up!
Thanks for the pictures...they are adorable, he looks so happy eating his cracker and making a mess!