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Thursday, May 22, 2008

First time with Ceftin and cold update

I forgot to put this in my last email, oops:)

When we were at the hospital yesterday, I talked to one of the cf nurses about Lil' Chris' coughing. She suggested that it was probably the vest and to up his vest treatment to 3 times a day and to give her a call on Friday. Well, I wasn't very satisfied with that answer, especially b/c I didn't know who she was, she never sees Lil' Chris whenever we go there. So, I kept repeating that he had the cough a few days before we got the vest and that it has been 2 weeks! Finally, she got the picture and said she would talk to our doctor and get back to us. When she did, she HAD to mention that the doctor AGREED with HER, but since he just got off the Augmentin, he was going to put him on another antibiotic. Later that night we went and picked it up. It is called Ceftin. It is stronger (125mg)than Augmentin, so he doesn't have to take 6ml. He only has to take half a teaspoon twice daily for 21 days. Boy is this stuff THICK! Poor kid. It smells like bubblegum, but so far he doesn't seem to like it much. I'll let you know how it goes.

By the way, his nose has finally stopped running over the last couple of days. YEA!!!
I didn't forget about the videos. I'll post them next time=)


Aunt D. said...

Hey! Good for you for pressing the issue while you were there in the office! This may sound like a stupid question but, why would a doctor prescribe an antibiotic without even listening to his chest? I realize that it's very different with a CFer but shouldn't he still listen before he throws medicine at him? Anyway, I hope the lil guy is doing better today!! Talk to you soon! D.

daniel's mom said...

Hi, Glad you were able to get the nurse to talk to the doctor. Sometimes you just have to be the squeaky wheel! It is amazing how thick Ceftin is but Daniel likes it better than Augmentin. I have actually requested that they not give him Augmentin unless it is absolutely necessary because he hates it so much. Never thought I would get to know so many different antibiotics. Hope you notice a difference in a few days. Enjoy the weekend. We are actually taking our first hotel visit with all the kids and the equipment. I requested a corner room so that the noise would not bother anyone. Interesting to see how much sleep I get with all four kids in the room.