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Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Things People do for CF

I was reading Nate's blog this morning and started reading about The Pressure Boys and their story of his little girl with CF. I think he puts their story into wonderful words. I also think it is GREAT that all the money they get goes to the CFF to help find a cure.

I also think it is great that the twins wrote a book on their lives with CF. I would love to read it some day. I was reading the comments that people wrote about the book and noticed that the NFL Quarterback (Boomer) who has a child with CF read it and said it is a must read for all CF parents.

I don't know how Nate finds all these things that people do to help raise awareness and money for CF. Did you read about that guy that stands outside of the Oprah show breaking boards with his bare hand? That's insane!! But if it works, it will pay off. He should go outside of the Ellen show, she would probably let him on the show; ) Wow! I just went back to that site to link it above, and was reading the Readers Comments after the story, and I couldn't believe it! Apparently the guy is a scam artist and abandons his 10 year old sick son all the time! That's a shame that he is using his son's sickness to try to get famous. But who knows, maybe all this drama will be a good thing for getting the word out about CF though.

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