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Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Vest! YEA!

This is a video of The Vest by Hill-Rom. Lil' Chris didn't seem to mind it too much. So, that's a good thing. He didn't cry at all!

They tried this one and the other one on him for a few minutes each. I don't know if just that little bit of time did anything or not, but he has been coughing a little today. Not sure if it was from that, or even if that is supposed to happen. Or who knows, maybe he caught something while walking in the halls at the clinic. There was a teenage girl walking in front of us when we first got there, and she kept coughing. Once we noticed that she was going in the same direction(toward the CF part), we stopped to let the air clear a little bit before we walked down the hall after her. Hopefully he didn't catch anything in the air if she did have CF. I think from now on we'll throw a thin blanket over the stroller as we walk around the hospital just in case; )
I've been trying to research the 2 vests all day on-line. I still can't decide. Here are the 2 websites if you would like to check them out. www.respirtech.com and www.thevest.com. Let me know what you think: )M


daniel's mom said...

Daniel got a kick out of seeing the video of Chris trying the vest.
Daniel's Mom

Auntie Steph said...

YAY!!!! That's so cool that you guys can use the vest now! He looked unfazed in the video! Hopefully he will adjust to the vest without any problems!
I doubt that I could be of much help about which vest to get, but I'm gonna check them out anyway!
Love & Hugs

Aunt D. said...

I'll check out those sites but the best advice you can get is from those who've used them! All I can say is that I know a couple Velcro straps wouldn't keep my little guy in something if he wanted to get out! It doesn't take long for them to figure that stuff out & then you're done for!! =) The video was just too cute...he was looking around like he couldn't figure out where the shaking was coming from. He's such a doll...can't wait to see you guys next month!