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Thursday, May 8, 2008


Lil' Chris is getting the Vest!!
We were completely SHOCKED when the doctor said "I think he is ready for the Vest!"
My jaw dropped! We weren't expecting to get it for another 7 or 8 months! We were soooooo excited! I told him it is coming just in time, b/c he is beginning to crawl and it is getting harder to do his CPT(manual chest physiotherapy). I asked when we would get it, thinking it might be another month or so, but he said 1 week! My jaw dropped AGAIN! I can't believe the time has come! We were so excited when they brought one in to try the different sizes to see which one fits him. We were taking pictures and video. They all probably thought we were nuts! Oh well, it was his first time with the Vest! I couldn't resist. I'll try to post the pics later.
They tried 2 different machines to see which one we wanted. We have NO CLUE which one to pick. One machine is bigger that the other, but I think the Vest is better on the bigger one. But the smaller machine would be easier for travel. So, I don't know. We signed papers for both, and I am supposed to call after we have decided which one we want. Then they will order it and it will be here in 1 week. Only problem is, we can't decide which would be best for Lil' Chris. We need your help. My husband put a poll up on the right side of the page under Lil' Chris' header picture. If you or someone you know likes one better than the other, please select that one. Leave a comment on here if you like, that way we know why you chose that one.
Thanks for all your help in advance,


daniel's mom said...

Yea the vest! We have the incourage one. I remember that one reason we chose it was because the other vest had velcro closures and little hands could easily remove the vest, especially if those little hands were not in the mood for treatments. Daniel at almost 3 still cannot unbuckle his vest. The hoses clip on and do not pop off when he plays. Daniel can move around with the vest shaking him and, as I have mentioned before, falls asleep at night with it going. If I remember correctly those were 2 huge advantages for us. Once Daniel started the vest, it took about 2 weeks for him to get use to it. We did a little bit every day increasing the time spent on it. If you have any other questios about it, call me.
Daniel's Mom

Aunt D. said...

M, that is so awesome!!!! I'm so happy for you guys! I know this is going to make life a lot easier & also relieve your mind about whether or not the CPT you were doing was as helpful as you hoped (as you mentioned in a previous post). Woo Woo! This is really exciting news! I can't wait to see the results of Big Chris' poll. Kudos to him for jumping on the blog train. ;-)