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Thursday, May 8, 2008

To Pass the Time at the CF Clinic

This is what we did while we were waiting for different doctors to come in.

They both had a BLAST!! I hope you have sound to hear his cute lil' laugh =)

Aren't they so cute?

Don't worry, it was very warm in the room and we were waiting for the nurse to come in and measure him for the Vest. His chest is 18 inches! The first vest they tried on him was a little too small even! Which means he probably could've had the vest sooner, so that stinks. Oh well. I think it was a 17. I think we are going to get the 20. It fits him a little better.


Auntie Steph said...

Great pictures...LOVE the laugh! The harder/faster Daddy went, the more he laughed! :)

Aunt D. said...

Could he be any cuter you guys??? That pic of him with no shirt & a big smile is classic!! The belly pics were adorable too!!Looks like you kept him really entertained while you were there! Give him a big hug & lots of kisses from me!!

neilcharm said...

Hi M, okay now I see what the Vest is and sorry for my ignorance but we never had this appliance when my girlie was little - hence the duh! I really wish we had something like this as the pounding really became a handful as she grew until she managed to do it herself and was taught other techniques. And his laugh had a grin from earhole to earhole - very contagious that laughter. Good luck with it, I am sure he will love it. Charmaine