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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Rough Night :(

Well, Lil' Chris didn't have such a great night last night. Around 1:30 in the morning, my husband and I heard him crying. We both knew it was the cry he makes when he just threw up. So of course we both jumped up and ran into his room. My husband got their first and picked him up right away and held him over the changing table hoping to get the rest out. Meanwhile, I was taking out the blanket he threw up all over. I said, "Wow, none got on the sheets". Then my husband told me he peed threw too. That has kinda been happening lately, b/c he is soooooo ready for size 4 diapers, we just haven't made it to the store yet.

Anyway back to the throw up, b/c I know you want to hear all about it;) He was just non-stop crying and screaming. It was kinda slimy, and it kept coming out of his nose too. It reminded me of when he was a lot smaller and used to do this all the time. He got a little bit more up, but then after we changed him, he would try to throw up, but when we held him over the changing table
(easy to clean up), he would stop himself. After a few times of that, Mommy had to take one for the team! I continued to hold him and I was doing CPT on his back to try to get it up. This time when he started, I didn't put him down, I just kept holding him and pounding his back and it just went ALLLLL over ME and HIM. GROSS!! But it did the trick. If I would have held him over or put him down, he would have stopped. So now he got it all up, which made him feel much better, and made me feel much better too.

After we changed him that time we tried to suction his nose. You could hear it was in his nose and it was in the back of his throat. Poor kid :( He of course did not like the suctioning, but we knew it would help him sleep better. So, we got most out, and we put some soft music on, and then he started to settle down. Chris was holding him, and he just slowly started closing his eyes. Didn't take him too long, he was so exhausted. It took a lot out of him. Chris put a pillow in his crib to prop him up a little bit(we learn that from last time;). When we put him down, surprisingly he didn't get up the whole rest of the night! I couldn't believe it!!

We are still unsure what caused it. It could've been that he tried some Spaghettios a little after an hour after his enzymes. (The enzymes only work up to an hour). I asked the CF doctor last time we went about tasting foods. He said that he doesn't need his enzymes if it is just a taste to see if he likes it. So, now we let him try all kinds of stuff! Maybe he had too many tastes yesterday. Maybe he does need his enzymes, although it never bothered him before. Maybe that's not what caused it. I would think it would just run right through him, not make him throw up. I wouldn't really know, b/c we have never missed giving him his enzymes since he was 2 weeks old. That's just what I have heard. Who knows why it happened. I just hope it never happens again. I hate seeing him cry like that.


daniel's mom said...

Oh poor guy! That is miserable when little ones throw up like that. I am glad he slept the rest of the night! I am guessing that it was not the taste of food without enzymes. You do want to watch if you are giving him several tastes at one time, then I would give the enzymes. You can also give him a 1/2 dose of enzymes if you think he is going to taste a couple of things. If he really starts to eat, give him the other 1/2. It is hard at this age because they cannot tell you how hungry they are! This still happens with Daniel. I think I have given him the correct amount and he will end up eating more or less than I thought. It is true if our kids don't get enough enzymes with a meal you usually get a very runny diaper and tummy aches. The only time Daniel has thrown up from lack of enzymes was when his grandparents were babysitting him, and forgot to give him enzymes over a three hours period with lots of food being eaten. Hopefully, it was just an upset stomach and won't happen again. Hope this helps. Call me if I can help with anything today.
Daniel's mom

Lil' Chris' Mom said...

Thanks for the great advice! You're right, it is hard to tell if he is going to want more from that lil' taste or not. Next time, if he likes it after the first taste and wants more, I will definitely give him his enzymes. We don't want another night like last night. We are still unsure if it was from that or not, but it is better to be safe than sorry.
Thanks again for the great advice and for being there if I need someone to talk to,

neilcharm said...

Hi again, I was just wondering if the slime you were talking about was from the tummy or the secretions from the nose, lungs etc... I dont know if this would help at all but when Carmen was young we would do drainage which was putting a pillow under her tummy with her head lower than the rest of her body and just do percussion on her back, not heavy physio but gentle, and we found that a lot of her mucus etc came out with and without coughing. We only let her lay like this for 3-5 mins at a time, depending on how much slimy mucus she would cough up. Things have changed sooo much over the years with physio and meds,nebbing etc that my input may be wayyyyyyyy behind, but I do know that she still occasionally does this especially when heavily congested. Sorry if it doesnt work for you or maybe Lil Chris is too young for this... regards to you all and keep the spirits up. Hey Aunt D - you ok? havent heard much from you lately;

Auntie Steph said...

I haven't been online much these past few days. Sorry to hear my lil' man had a rough night. I can't relate to the scare of the coughing and slime, but I feel for you guys, cuz' I do know what it is like to be up with a sick baby. It's good to hear that he slept through the night after he slimed you :)!