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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

First Blood Work and Chest X-ray

Today, we took Lil' Chris to get his blood work and chest x-ray done. After talking to Daniel's mom, we thought it would be best for him and for the annual visit. This way the doctors can have the test results before hand, and they can go over the results with us face to face.

The poor thing was screaming and crying the whole time! Those ladies were pretty rough, but I'm sure it's hard to draw blood from a screaming baby who just wants to be held. At first they couldn't find any veins. It took them a while. Then they thought they found one in his right arm, but nothing came out. I felt so bad for him, b/c they were moving the needle all around inside his arm. He just kept screaming. Then they tried his left arm, and finally they got 3 things full. What an adventure!! Now he has a big bruise on his arm. Poor thing:(

The chest x-ray went pretty much the same. He just doesn't like to be held down I think. He kept screaming and squirming! I tried to hold him still, but every time she would walk away to snap it, he would move. Then she would have to come back and reposition him. I felt bad after about the forth time:) But finally he held still. They had to take one x-ray of his chest with him laying on his back, and one x-ray of his right side with him laying on his left side. Not sure why only one side, maybe we'll find out at the annual visit.

All in all, it was horrible! I so look forward to doing that year after year;)

Here are some pics before we left for the hospital. NO screaming and crying yet! I guess he didn't know what was to come;)
He loves my big comfy blue blanket.



Auntie Steph said...

aawwww...I would have been crying right along with him! Poor guy! I know how he feels, he must have veins like his aunt! Sorry! :(
What a torturous day for him, and you!
Thank goodness it's over...for now!

daniel's mom said...

Oh I am sorry Chris had such a rough time. If it is any comfort, it does get easier. I remember having to hold Daniel down when they couldn't find a vein. It was all I could do not to cry. I did find out that chest xrays are only done every other year unless there is a problem. So next year you will only have to deal with the blood draw. Like I said it gets easier when their arms and veins get bigger. the sun is suppose to shine today, now we just need to it to get warmer. Bye Daniel's Mom